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Bridging the worlds of technology and retail enables you to give your clients a richer user experience; helping them to make informed purchases through our Touchscreen interactive technology.

Our advanced yet unobtrusive technology transforms your customers’ experience. Put them at the centre of your environment by showing them tailored content and easing their purchase process.

Engage more fully with your customers by providing them with the latest intuitive client experience. Our technology shows your customers products that are complementary to their purchase giving you more selling opportunities. This is the latest evolution in retail.

Using 3G/4G or WiFi our retail solutions are fully connected. Your content can be updated remotely and will always be up-to-date.

Our mirrors, glass or retail display boxes put the focus on your products, enabling you to show relevant content to your customers.

What Drives Us…

Iceni Services is led by an international team of experienced business innovators who are bringing their ground-breaking technology to the world of retail and OOH advertising in Australia. They specialise in digital technology, consumer interface management and design. They pride themselves in resolving marketing and business challenges by providing insightful and exciting solutions through their expertise in web, mobile, technology, design and the analysis of human behaviour. They work hard to make your business a success by providing digital display solutions and compelling and flexible content management. They redefine the way people engage with organisations. From innovative connectivity devices to delightful interactive solutions, they have developed products and applications that will revolutionise your customer’s experience, taking retail and OOH enterprises to the next technological level.


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Five Dock, Sydney, NSW 2046


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