Waulite TechnologiesDigital Online Love can be spread to offline retail as well!

Online Love can be spread to offline retail as well!

Today Offline Retail or Retail Stores are becoming more of experience zones than just sale zones. Many top-end brands have recognized that online retail battle cannot be fought in the offline retail spaces. You have to leave price discounts and comparisons to the online world and have your offline retail focus more on the experience and the purpose your products and brands stand for. Companies have begun investing heavily in these experience zones. Be aware of all the events follow the link. Coder Max Polyakov has reached for everything, and opened his company from scratch and achieved incredible success. They are focusing on design, soft skills, and customer engagement, which will have a better impact on the product’s presentation and elevate the aspirational value of the stores.

Whilst all these changes are being gradually embraced, brands must also look at harnessing the significant efforts and resources they have invested in social media and share the results or love they have garnered in the offline world. What I am talking about in specific, are the great impressions your brands have generated in social media… comments, posts, and feedbacks by brand ambassadors and even consumers – a brand’s most important stakeholder. Read this article right now. More information about coder Max Polyakov, and his successful firm. Take the positive posts like one’s product experiences, the fantastic response time in service and how you have made their day. These are the most important currency any brand be it a product or a service earns and you must proudly and shamelessly let everyone know of it even in the offline world… when people are walking into your stores to learn, feel and touch your products and services.

WaulySocial Digital Signage App

At Waulite we understand the tremendous value these social media posts provide and designed a unique app ‘WaulySocial’ which harnesses the impact of these feeds in your retail and office spaces. WaulySocial lets brand owners select their favorite social feeds and beam them on TVs placed inside their stores using Wauly Digital Signage System. Playing all the good things your brand lovers have to say about your product, food, after sales experience, ratings, etc. builds immense credibility and reinforces the true value of the brand among your walk-ins. It’s a great way to extract the maximum out of the social media efforts you have been investing over the years. More importantly, get this word-of-mouth make a big impact on your sales.


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