Waulite TechnologiesDigital The best OOH billboards are under-optimized

The best OOH billboards are under-optimized

When conversation on efficiency in OOH media takes place, more emphasis is given to viewer matrices and location traffic. Seldom do we touch upon on how we can improve the revenue potential of the best OOH sites multifold. Get more clients to utilize this prime real estate translating into better efficiency, better rates or even better revenue.

OOH in outdoors have looked at innovation only from a creative POV. Ad agencies and brand managers look for disruptive ideas that will give them more eyeball attention from the moving traffic. Some of the Prime sites even charge a premium for these innovations. These innovations are merely a gimmick that is often short-lived from an industry POV. Good innovation’s purpose must be to drive better efficiency, more or new value or more business. It is time OOH Billbord owners take a serious look at innovation on their sites from a more sustained POV. Focusing on improved profitability and accountability. When all the above factors are taken into consideration, OOH owners will unearth tremendous value and potential from their sites and thereby even better profitability.

Digitizing OOH Billboards

Digitization is the buzzword in every industry; even OOH industry had its share of digitization but it has largely been restricted to indoor space. It’s time the industry take digitization outdoor and witness its enormous potential. Let me spell out the key advantages of this movement.

  1. Digital OOH Billboards allows you play multiple ads per minute. Most prime sites located in the busiest streets have longer eyeball attention span. Now you can get more than 2 brands gain viewer attention from the same site. Resulting in more revenue per site.
  2. Digital OOH Billboards allows the site owners to play both video and image content. This will offer better creative freedom and definitely more eyeball attention.
  3. Using Smart OOH digital solutions like WaulyOOH, one can create prime time slots and charge a premium for high traffic hours every day.
  4. Viewer Analytics kits installed on OOH sites like the ones Wauly provides will help identify audience density at a given time when the client’s adverts are playing. Resulting in improved measurability and accountability.
  5. By going digital we will reduce the significant harm done to the environment by limiting our dependence on vinyl and flex printed OOH.

Digital is the future and the future favors those who embrace technology in every field to improve productivity and better value to all the stakeholders involved. It is the time the outdoor OOH Billboard industry, especially prime site owners take up digitization more aggressively to bring about this important change in the way we do business. It will not only help improve their fortunes but also the competitiveness of OOH media when it comes to other media options in front of the marketer.


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