WaulyPod Project Digilink

Pan-India Cloud Based Content Management Solutions beamed on Digital LED Wall


WaulyPod Project Digilink was launched for Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, as he was completing 2 years in office. As a part of his 2-year celebrations, a massive media campaign was initiated to take the accomplishments of his govt to the people of India.

There are more than 55000 fuel pumps across India. The opportunity to connect with more and more Indians through these outlets was considered and a pilot project was initiated to study the same. The 3 major Oil Public Sector Companies (PSUs) formed a special task force to implement the pilot across 24 petrol pumps in 8 cities.

Waulite Technologies Remote Content Management program was selected to implement the Pilot across all these pumps for a period of 15 days.

The ability to centralize, control and manage the content that goes in and out of a digital outdoor asset Flagship product of Waulite Technologies.

IOTises TV screens and enables us to command them remotely.

Manages any type of Digital Display assets that are spread across cities and retail outlets in various parts of the Country

  • Remotely
  • Universally
  • Even Exclusively

Operation Success:

  • 24 screens were installed across 24 pumps in 8 cities in 7 days including
  • permissions and approvals from local authorities
  • planning the exact location for the screens in all outlets
  • ensuring safety and necessary standards are maintained and obtained
  • erecting branded platforms for the screens and
  • Installing the LED screens and Pods in time

All 3 Oil PSU were given independent log-in. They changed the content multiple times across all their pumps and also changed content in some of their pumps individually.

Taking it forward:

  • Working with the task force to extend it to a full-fledged program
  • Cover more than 1,000 pumps across India in phase 1
  • Media agencies activated… targeting adverting revenues

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HPCL Petrol Pump

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