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Impactful and Intuitive Retail Technology Solutions

True to our belief, we have set ourselves challenges that will help redefine the way people engage with establishments in their environment. From innovative connectivity devices to delightful interactive solutions, we are developing products and applications that will revolutionize customer experience.

WaulyPod is an internet-connected plug and play device that IOTises your commercial display screens giving you better control and monetization opportunities. WaulyPod enabled digital screens can be set up in any environment and location. Giving the display site owner the ability to change the content in his media assets in real time and even from a remote location. Think of it as an enterprise digital signage without the pain. Some of its key features are :

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Waulite PlayGlass Display Box is a transparent LED screen that can play images and videos on your command. You can clearly see the product inside the box through the glass and simultaneously play relevant content on the glass. It has a touch interface, which can go up to 64 fingers allowing single and multiple people interface on the glass. The content is fed and managed by our WaulyPods embedded into the device. These innovative glass display boxes are available in 19 inch to 46 inch screen sizes and can be used in:

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Waulite PlayMirror is an extraordinary mirror. This mirror not only reflects but also displays and interacts with the person in front of it. Waulite PlayMirror is a mirrored LED glass with an interactive touch display and its content can be managed wirelessly through our WaulyPods. It is designed for enhanced customer experience to provide them with impactful product or service content through a mirror. These mirrors will find extensive usage in :

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Waulite PlayGlass Visicoolers Convert your refrigerator into a media asset. We have taken conventional Visicoolers or Retail refrigerators and made them more productive. Our PlayGlass encased Visicoolers now can play advertisements and content of your choice. Its WaulyPOD enabled, to give you control of the content played, works in standard visicooler conditions and is warranty supported, Now, that’s the coolest media asset in town!

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