Waulite PlayGlass

Digital Signage Based Smart Glass Box

Waulite PlayGlass is a transparent LCD screen that plays HD content on it while you see the real products displayed behind it. Available in touch and non-touch versions you can interact with it and also play images, videos and applications on your command.

Glass TV with interactive touch

Waulite PlayGlass Box is an amazing display box with a transparent LED screen than can play images and videos at your command. It is digital signage ready with our advanced digital signage system Wauly embedded in it.

Waulite PlayGlass also features a touch interface, allowing people interface with its contents. Giving the users a wonderful experience of browsing through relevant information about the product housed inside the box.

Use it in to display your product in your retail outlets/ exhibitions, or artifacts in museums or for window displays.

Available in sizes form 12.1 to 42 inches

waulite playglass available sizes

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Wauly : The worlds most secure and scalable Digital Signage Solution

All Waulite display products come embedded with Wauly. Wauly connects all the display screens to our cloud server giving you direct access and control over the content played on each screen.

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