Waulite PlayMirror

Digital Signage Based Smart Mirror

Waulite PlayMirror is a Smart Mirror that not only reflects but also displays and interacts with the person in front of it. Waulite PlayMirror can display all forms of connected content: promotions, linked merchandise, retailer’s website and lots more.

The most exciting mirror in town

Waulite PlayMirror is a mirrored LED glass with an interactive touch option. It is digital signage ready with our advanced digital signage system Wauly embedded in it. It is designed for enhanced customer experience to provide them with impactful product and service content through a mirror.

Use it in your Salons, Washrooms, Gyms, Boutiques or at home.

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Wauly : The worlds most secure and scalable Digital Signage Solution

All Waulite display products come embedded with Wauly. Wauly connects all the display screens to our cloud server giving you direct access and control over the content played on each screen.

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