WaulyPod is an internet-connected plug and play device

that IOTises your commercial display screens giving you better control and monetization opportunities. It is an intelligent, infinitely scalable, web-based display system for broadcasting content.

WaulyPod enabled digital screens creates magic across public places anywhere in the world and can be set up in any environment and location. Any screen can now display your digital content be it HD TV, Indoor/Outdoor, LCD/LED panels and walls. Giving the display site owner the ability to change the content in his media assets in real time and even from a remote location.

Internet-Connected plug and play device

WaulyPod RCM - How it Works!

waulypod how it works

Most Secure and Scalable Digital Signage Solution.

Complete cloud based solution. It easily connects using existing 3G or broadband data service

Batch screens and Change content across multiple screen simultaneously 24 x 7

Supports Live feed streaming

Simply choose your content, make a playlist, assign it to your screen and you are ready to display

Get email / SMS alerts on performances and downtimes

Customized Parked reports feature

Real time tracker on what’s playing on each screen

Geography is history. We deliver super-fast content anywhere in the world with Microsoft Azure Content Delivery

Works on any HD TV, indoor / outdoor, LED/LCD screens

Each WaulyPod comes with 32 GB, upgradable to 64 GB storage

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